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We are Miami-Dade County's #1 best selling of Wholesale Tropical Fish, Reptiles & Amphibians!
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Freshwater Fish/Peces de agua dulce

  • We have the best quality of Freshwater fish that will leave you with a smile. We would make sure that our fish gets the best kind of treatment and a suitable habitat. We check the water temperature, pH levels, the balance of the water, and clean all 200 tanks with environmentally safe sponges. 
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction.


  • Our most popular and productive sale we have to offer, from creepy hairy crawlies to sticky slimey creatures we have them all. We would keep them all in safe and natural environments just like if they were in they were in the wild, Just to make sure that nothing harmful ever happens to them, ask us if you want to know more about purchasing a  tank.


  • We have a wide selection of Reptiles from Baby and Tortoises to Ball Pythons. Our most popular best selling reptiles are the Yellow Belly Turtles & Soft Shell Turtles. Our main priority is to make sure that these little guys are going to a safe and loving home. You must contact us to purchase larger Tortoises. Please don't be afraid to ask us, we look forward to hearing from you.


  • This Showroom floor boasts a 250 display tank, with a volume of water of up to 9,220 gallons. 
  • We have around 250 species of Freshwater, Desert, Forrest, and Jungle life, we mostly work with Ornamental Freshwater Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, and small Animals.
  • Every week we get the best selection of animals from around the Country, with new suprises everyweek and large shipments from around the Coast.
  • We talk to the best collection of facilities and breeders from around the EastCoast and WestCoast. 

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Please visit www.Guppytf.webs.comor give us a call at (786)286-0739 if you have any questions about a specific animal or product, we hope to hear from you soon.

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We also sell pigeons supply and merchandise for all kinds of birds 

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